Goldie for Strut 2019

This year Goldie and I are starting early to raise money for “Strut Your Mutt,” Best Friends annual fund raising event that helps save the lives of homeless pets. The walk will be on October 26, 2019 in Exposition Park in Los Angeles. Goldie and I will once again be on the Adopt Me Rescue team. This is the rescue organization that brought precious Goldie into my life.

I’ve been volunteering with them for the past year, writing their newsletter and helping at adoption events every Saturday at the Petco in Glendale. I’ve seen how helpful donations are in providing medical and foster care for dogs who would otherwise be euthanized. I also get to see them get adopted and find forever homes, which is the best! 

We’re not sure if Goldie will be able to complete the walk because she dislocated her left hip in April, then again in May. She had surgery on May 14, (Femoral Head Ostectomy), which went well, but when I saw that she wasn’t walking on the leg I asked the doctor to have another look. He said she now has a “luxating patella,” which is a dislocation of the knee cap. Poor Goldie! We hope to meet with a surgeon soon to find out if she needs a surgery. If all goes well she’ll be able to Strut Her Mutt in  October. I may just carry her!!! 

If you would like to support us in Strut Your Mutt, you can click on the link below. Please feel free to  email me directly  if you have any questions.

Many thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Giving Homeless Dogs A Chance

    • Thanks Diana. She’s going to be okay, but my vet doesn’t have the expertise for this surgery so we’ll have to go to Animal Specialty Group$$$.
      I just feel bad that she has to limp, but it doesn’t seem to hurt her.

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