My Dogged Hope in these scary times

By nature I’m an optimist and I  believe we’ll get through the current crisis. However that belief gets shattered on a daily basis and I start to panic. This usually happens when I’m tired or accidentally hear a news report. I’ve learned that if I don’t listen to any news, not even NPR, I don’t panic as much. I trust that my husband will tell me anything I must know. So, until April 20, or later, I’m going to stay in my safe places, one of which is my office/workshop/playroom, which doubles as our dog Cassie’s bedroom.

I’ve been sewing ornaments, including some special order dog(and cat) ornaments, which keeps me distracted, motivated and calm. As I sew, little Goldie sits next to me, providing peace and comfort. I love to remind myself that the dogs have no idea what’s going on with this virus nightmare, and I imagine being in that head space.

I pray that each of you are safe and healthy.



2 thoughts on “My Dogged Hope in these scary times

  1. Marthamydear! Thanks for expressing my thoughts/feelings! Being old enough to have studied history–and absorbed it–I realize that, of course, we’ll get through this and we will survive! Many people will die (as they’ve done in wars, plagues, etc) but life will go on. Hopefully, we’ll learn valuable lessons. I’m cautiously excited because of the news about cleaner water in Venice, Italy…with FISH in it! Cleaner air around the world! Maybe we’ll pay more attention, once the pandemic is done? Much love to you!

  2. Thank you Pam! I’m happy to hear your sane voice. Yes, many valuable lessons to be learned on all levels. Stay well and calm.

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