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Giving Paws: Having a Service Dog for a Hidden Disability

GIVING PAWS is about finding hope.

The recent popularity of service dogs for “invisible disabilities” has generated a lot of misunderstanding and criticism of their validity. GIVING PAWS tells the story my experience learning the pros and cons with my dog Henry in this skeptical environment. With this book, I aim to provide hope for others who could benefit from having a service dog, and enlightenment to those who stand in judgement.

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The Oxygen Mask Rule: How My Battle With Anorexia Taught Me How to Survive

For more than thirty-five years I have been deceived and devoured by the diabolical voice of anorexia nervosa and several crippling illnesses. However, in spite of these hurdles I have lived a life full of adventure, accomplishment and spiritual growth. I have been able to travel the world and live as a foreign exchange student in Turkey, attend The Juilliard School of Drama, enjoy work as an actor for twenty years and finally discover a fulfilling career at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

In order to stay alive I have explored many philosophies of recovery. In recent years I came to understand that being of service to others provided the most comfort and freedom from anorexia. Unfortunately, due to malnutrition I grew too weak to help anyone. I had to admit that if I was not taking care of myself, there was no way I could help anyone else.

This was the genesis of “The Oxygen Mask Rule.” Onboard an airplane, passengers are instructed to make sure their masks are on first before assisting other passengers or children.

If I want to have freedom from my illness and feel the joy of helping others, I have to stand up to anorexia and nurture myself.

I will never be completely free from the clutches of my eating disorder, but my story illustrates how it is possible to be fully engaged in life despite the disease.

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