Handmade Toys – Love in Every Stitch

It all started with my annual holiday ornament project…

Every year I knit or sew goofy holiday ornaments for my friends and family. One kind friend tells me every year that I should sell them, and I am always flattered, but have never done it because I make them for fun, not profit. But this year my friend joined forces with another dear friend and they offered to help me get started. They told me to gather a few of my ornaments then took me to a couple of shops that feature local artists. Thankfully, my friends did all the talking and made a pitch for my work. The reception I got surprised me. The store employees loved my little creatures and encouraged me to contact the owners of the stores. Although their responses lifted my spirits, I didn’t have the nerve to pursue the owners.

Next, my friends said I needed to sell my ornaments on Etsy. I obediently followed their directions and stumbled through the process of setting up an account, but felt discouraged because there were gazillions of people already selling cute, goofy things on the site.

Three hours later an email from Etsy arrived. I was sure it was an advertisement, or another confirmation of my new account, but I was wrong. IT WAS MY FIRST ORDER!!! The most amazing thing was that it was from a complete stranger,  not my mom or best friend. The sale was from a lady who wanted one of  my sloth ornaments. I had to quickly learn how to process the order and get it shipped to her. Beginner’s luck. The next day I got two more orders: one for 2 sloths; the other for 2 custom made ornaments: a Siamese cat and a rabbit. And later that day, someone ordered a jellyfish.

Since then I’ve been designing and making all kinds of things. Here are some examples, and yes, they are for sale. You may contact me directly at marthathom62@gmail.com, or visit:             https://www.etsy.com/shop/BenevolentBuddies


For your sweetie pie on Valentine’s Day.


For St. Patrick’s Day


For Easter

Slothy Cotton Tail


For your special Mom.


To celebrate a graduation.


And a variety of custom made items…










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