Handmade Toys – Love in Every Stitch

It all started with my annual holiday ornament project…

Every year I knit or sew goofy holiday ornaments for my friends and family, and every year one kind friend tells me I should sell them on Etsy. I’m always flattered, but had never done it because I make them for fun, not profit. But last December this friend joined forces with another dear friend and they offered to help me get started. They told me to gather a few of my ornaments then took me to a couple of shops that featured local artists. The encouragement I got from the shop owners surprised and motivated me.

After I stumbled through the process of setting up an Etsy account, I was discouraged because there were gazillions of people already selling cute, goofy things.

Much to my amazement, three hours I got my first order! And it was from a complete stranger,  not my mom or best friend.  My first customer ordered  a sloth ornament. I quickly learned how to process the order and get it shipped. Beginner’s luck? Maybe, but the next day I got two more orders: one for 2 sloths; the other for 2 custom made ornaments: a Siamese cat and a rabbit. And later that same day, someone ordered a jellyfish.

Since then I’ve been designing and making all kinds of things. Here are some examples, and yes, they are for sale. You may contact me directly at marthathom62@gmail.com, or visit:             https://www.etsy.com/shop/BenevolentBuddies


For your sweetie pie on Valentine’s Day.


For St. Patrick’s Day


For Easter

Slothy Cotton Tail


For your special Mom.


To celebrate a graduation.


And a variety of custom made items…










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