Building my blog!

Yes, I’m finally starting a blog! Actually, my dear sister Rachel is building it, but I’m  glad it’s happening. Today I feel wildly hopeful and inexplicably energetic. I feel so good, I could see skipping my tube feeding tonight…maybe stop it completely!

I could be having a manic episode, I suppose. I failed to mention in my blog explanation that ten years ago I was diagnosed with the lite version of Bipolar disorder.

Maybe I’m just in a really good mood. I can’t tell the difference sometimes. That’s a problem. When I get this jazzed up I start getting ideas about jetting off to see my friends in Turkey, or applying for a job, just to spice things up. What am I thinking? Chances are good that tomorrow I’ll be exhausted from this good mood and come to my senses. But for today I feel so alive!

When I was in my twenties I was in a constant manic state, and I impulsively travelled a lot and took risks with my life, but it was that mania that got me through college and grad school. It was fun. It wasn’t until I got into my thirties that my depression came back to get me. These days I have a lot of depression and the occasional manic episode, but I’ve learned to not act on it. So, there’s some progress. I better go hook up my feeding tube for the night…

2 thoughts on “Building my blog!

  1. Your candor is incredible. I hope that all the therapy, medications, and your animals continue getting you through each day. I read the first book and will look for the second come next October. You have tough battles that you fight, but you do fight.

    Jo-Ann Krohn

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