Today is day #14, so I’ve removed the eggs from the rotator

Eggs in incubator

…and placed them on the mesh floor of the incubator.

Phase 2 for the quail eggs!

For the next 3 – 4 days the little chicks inside will move themselves into their hatching position. The temperature will stay at 100 degrees and the humidity at 60%.

It’s possible that the hatch may take a little longer because I had a hard time keeping the temp up high enough, but the humidity stayed up, so I’m still hopeful.

I’ve got the brooder all set up, which I hope to be using on Friday of this week.

IMAGE - brooder

Hopefully my next post will include some hatchlings!!


3 thoughts on “Phase 2 for the quail eggs

  1. I know this is going to be a wonderful book Martha, you and Henry are rock stars. I love you and you continue to be my inspiration. I can’t wait for my new read.❣️

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