First the good news: Henry and I are excited to share that my publisher has put two cover designs on their website for people to vote on. We would be ever so grateful for your opinion. If you have a moment, please visit:  Click on the one you like. Many thanks!


And the not-so-good news: For those of you who know that Henry has been ill, I wanted to let you know that tomorrow morning, Friday, July 14, he will be having an exploratory abdominal surgery to have the masses removed from his spleen and stomach. We won’t know for several days after the surgery if the masses are malignant, but I will let you know.

Please keep Henry in your thoughts. He’s a  strong, brave boy, and I’m hopeful.

Thank you from both of us.

11 thoughts on “Updates on Henry…

  1. Voted, the one of Henry looking back over his shoulder, fetchingly, if you will. Sending good vibes your way, especially tomorrow. Keep in touch, please. XO

    • Thanks JoAndra. I heard from the surgeon that Henry came through the surgery well and that he was able to remove the spleen and the mass in his stomach. Still waiting for biopsy results(2-3 days?), but the surgeon was hopeful. Henry gets to come home on Sunday, we think.
      Thank you again for your kind words.

  2. First of all sending sweet Henry healing prayers for his surgery. I love your writing Martha , I read your post about you going to visit your brother. It was a hard choice because both covers has 2 different looks that captures Henry character. Since I have to choose one I pick the first one because the way he turns around he essentially he is saying I got your back fur mom !

    • Hi Faye,
      Thank you very much for your prayers. They are helping. And thank you for checking out my blog and book covers. I agree with you about the first one. Henry’s surgeon just called to say he got through the night well. He’s not eating yet, but that is to be expected. I’ll get another report tonight and maybe, just maybe Henry will be able to come home tomorrow. We have another dog at home, Cassie, a 75 pound lab/shep mix, who doesn’t understand where her family has gone!!
      I hope you are well. Thanks again for your kindness. It means a lot to me. XO

    • Thank you for caring. Henry is being discharged from hospital this afternoon. He will have to be in a crate for awhile to keep him from ripping his inscision. Poor guy. At least he’s well enough to come home. Vet said he started eating this morning. I hope they will send him home with good pain meds. His big sister Cassie doesn’t like being an only child!! Please give my love to your mom and brother. XO

      • Will do. Thanks. It’s always nice to receive good news about Henry. He should be skipping rope soon. I am so relieved he’s eating and getting well. Hugs.

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