Mother's Day Sloth

 MOTHER’S DAY – because I have the best mom in the world.

Grad Sloth

GRADUATION DAY – They finally did it!


Yes, I’ve gone Sloth-silly, but it happened by accident when a friend encouraged me to put some of  my seasonal ornaments on Etsy.  Last year I randomly chose the sloth as my subject without realizing how popular they were, and once I posted him on Etsy, I started getting sloth requests for all occasions.

Mother’s Day is coming, which is my personal favorite, so I’m stocking up.         Graduation Day is also coming, and I have a special sloth for that.

Spare a moment from your busy day and consider the ingenious, energy conserving lifestyle of the sloth. They seem pretty happy to me!



7 thoughts on “A Smiling Sloth Says it All!

    • i’m mending, but Henry is not doing well. His legs keep giving out from
      his back problems. There’s no cure. We can only give him pain meds,
      we can’t fix his back. I’m coming undone watching him deteriorate.

  1. Martha – you absolutely amaze me — love the new items — I may order – never used Etsy — any comments? Do I dare ask .. how is Henry?  AND, of course – are you behaving yourself? Linda Miss you terribly

    • Hello My Dear Linda,

      I miss you too!
      Ordering on Etsy is easy, but if you don’t want to go that route, just tell me what you’d like and I can send it to you. No problem.
      Henry is not doing well. His back problems are making it hard for him to walk. We carry him in and out to do his business. There’s no cure for his back issues so we’re just trying to keep him comfortable.
      Watching him decline is so hard and I’m going to be a mess when his time comes.
      Have you fully recovered from your recent surgery?


  2. LOVE those sloths! Sorry to hear of Henry’s struggles, it’s very difficult. Maggie passed away, I wrote about it two weeks ago, “Maggie and the Gospel Truth”.
    It’s always good to hear from you Martha, praying for you and yours!

    • Hi Lisa Beth. Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry to hear you lost Maggie. I just read your post about her. Hearing how you came through your loss gives me hope and courage about the inevitable loss of Henry. I appreciate your prayers and guidance, I pray all is well with you.

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