Teddy playing with shark toy

Oh boy, oh boy, was I excited when I got Teddy’s DNA results from Wisdom Panel!

Exciting news, the results are in! Here’s what makes Teddy so unique. Using the data generated from Teddy’s DNA, our sophisticated computer algorithm performed over 17 million calculations! What you see here is Teddy’s ancestry by percentage.

25% Chihuahua

25% Chinese Shar-Pei

12.5% Australian Cattle Dog

12.5% Cocker Spaniel

12.5% German Shepherd

12.5% Breed Group(s)

  • Sporting
  • Terrier
  • Herding
  • Companion
  • Asian




  1. Shar-Pei, Chihuahua, Australian Cattle Dog & German Shepherd
  2. Shar-Pei, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel & Breed Group(s)


  1. Shar-Pei & Chihuahua
  2. Australian Cattle Dog & German Shepherd
  3.  Shar-Pei & Chihuahua
  4. Cocker Spaniel & Breed Group(s)


How Did They Get the Results?

First, we took Teddy’s DNA and generated a unique profile using 1800 + DNA markers, which were fed into our advanced computer algorithm. The algorithm analyzed Teddy’s DNA profile and compared it with signatures from our database of over 15,000 purebred samples.

 Each of the millions of possible family tree combinations were then given a score based on how well they matched.  The tree with the best overall score is what you see here. (above).

Okay, some of the breeds in this report are obvious, like the Shar-Pei and the Australian Cattle Dog, but Chihuahua? Cocker Spaniel and German Shepherd???

Wisdom Panel’s report also provided info and photos and characteristics of all these breeds, so I had a look…


Chihuahua image

25 % Chihuahua:

Alert, active, and often playful dogs. 

Respond well to reward-based training using treats or favorite toys.

 May be suspicious of strangers or bark at other dogs when intimidated by their size.

Sounds like Henry, right? I think he’s is visiting us through Teddy.


Sharpei image

25% Chinese Shar-Pei:

Intelligent, independent, and alert dogs with a reputation of being loyal to the family.

Independent spirit but responds well to a reward-based approach to training involving treats or favorite toys.

Moderately active.

Teddy’s face looks like a Shar-Pei, but he doesn’t fit the “moderately active” description!! He’s a wild man!!


Australian Cattle Dog

12.5% Australian Cattle Dog:

Intelligent, active, energetic, and watchful dogs.

 Eager to learn and responds well to reward-based training, allowing them to participate in activities such as agility, flyball, and Frisbee.

 Herding tendencies may lead to chasing cars or herding children.

 May be suspicious or cautious around strangers.

Teddy is intelligent, energetic and watchful, and he tries to herd lizards and birds, but he’s not suspicious or cautious. He’s more curious and inquisitive. Is this where he got his big ears?


Cocker Spaniel

12.5% Cocker Spaniel:

Intelligent, playful, happy, and usually friendly dogs, with some being very energetic.

 Seem to enjoy dog sports such as hunting, tracking, retrieving, agility, rally and competitive obedience.

 Respond well to reward-based training using treats or favorite toys.

 Good family dog but may require careful socialization with strangers to prevent or reduce fear-based defensive behaviors.

The behavior descriptions fit, except for the “fear-based defensive” part. I don’t see any physical resemblance!


Shepherd 1

12.5% German Shepherd:

Personalities can vary from calm and watchful/observant to energetic.

 Enjoy participating in dog sports such as agility, tracking, flyball, and competitive obedience.

 Eager to learn and respond well to reward-based training.

Teddy likes to chase balls, but he hasn’t shown any interest in “competitive  obedience” yet. I think this is where he got his widow’s peak.


group of dogs

12.5% Breed Group(s):

Wisdom Panel’s technology can only identify specific breed back to the third generation, meaning the great grandparents So the final 12.5% is a mix of Sporting, Terrier, Herding Companion and Asian breeds.

Learning Teddy’s breed mix was fascinating, but all that really matters is that

Teddy is 100%  Happy Love Dog!

 Teddy rolled over on his back

17 thoughts on “The Results are In!

  1. A happy love dog that makes you happy really is all that matters. ❤ Although who dorsn't love genealogy 😉

    • Yes, we love him from head to toe, regardless of his genetic make up. Because he looks like so many different breeds, I had to find out where he got his characteristics. I never expected he’d be part Chihuahua, but once I learned that, I felt Henry’s presence.

  2. Interesting! Shar Pei and Chihuahua? Whatever, couldn’t be any sweeter or more loved. Looks like you all hit the doggie lottery! 😍🐕😍

    • I was delighted by the results. We did Cassie’s test a few years ago and it revealed that she had genes from a breed I’d never heard of: the Fox Valley River Spaniel. Yes, that’s our Fox River in Wisconsin! The breed was created there. Ha! Cassie was adopted from a shelter in Burbank as a pup by a zoo friend six years before I got her. She also has German Shepherd genes. The surprises from DNA tests can be fun.

  3. Sounds like a well rounded wonderful love puppy — so happy he is exactly what you  need – a little bit of everything – FANTASTIC!!!

  4. Fascinating results! Tried to respond inside the blog but was rejected, Teddy will be unique and you will love him for who he is and who he will become. Teddy is a lucky pup to have you! Love, Mom

    Sent from my iPad


    • It looks like your response came through on my site. Thanks! We feel so lucky to have such a loving pup. Cassie likes Teddy too. She’s 10 now, and it’s good to see her play with him.

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