For Your Special Mom…

      Mama Sloth moves on Pacific Sloth time, but she's determined to get to her destination by May 13 to wish a "Happy Mother's Day" to all the special moms out there. For more info...        

Dionne’s Demise – Stress?

On the day before Thanksgiving I found one of my beloved box turtles lifeless in the middle of the aquarium. In 2008, I adopted three eastern box turtles from a friend at the zoo, whose children had "outgrown" them. My friend had hatched these three turtles eight years earlier as a way of teaching her…Read more Dionne’s Demise – Stress?

Book news!

I'm happy to announce that Koehler Books will be publishing my book, GIVING PAWS: Having a Service Dog for a Hidden Disability. It will be available in October 2017. Like my first book, THE OXYGEN MASK RULE, (2012), GIVING PAWS is about finding hope. The recent popularity of service dogs for people with hidden or "invisible" disabilities has…Read more Book news!

Award winning finalist!!!

I am thrilled to share that my book is an Award-Winning Finalist in the Women's Issues category of the 2012 International Book Awards" The Oxygen Mask Rule: How My Battle With Anorexia Taught Me How To Survive by Martha L. Thompson I will be attending the NY Book Expo next month, yay! For more info…Read more Award winning finalist!!!

Great article on Oxygen Mask Rule in Hurriyet, Turkey’s leading newspaper Anoreksiya hastası ABD'li kadının Türkiye’de aldığı ders Emre KIZILKAYA / Dış Açı 18 Şubat 2012 Anoreksiya hastası Martha Thompson’ın yıllar önce Türkiye’de aldığı “dersi” dün Hürriyet’te yayımlanan haberde aktarmıştım. David Bowie’ye benzettiği Konyalı Mehmet ile aşkı hüsranla biten ve hastalığın pençesinde yıllarca kıvranan Thompson’ın dokunaklı öyküsünün tamamını burada okuyabilirsiniz. ABD'li Martha Thompson, ilk kez…Read more Great article on Oxygen Mask Rule in Hurriyet, Turkey’s leading newspaper