Henry profile, looking at screen and typing with r paw

In my healthier days, when I was happily working at the zoo, I wrote a weekly newsletter for the docents and volunteers. My service dog Henry was always eager to contribute bits of wisdom to my weekly tome, so when he heard I was writing a blog, he  asked if he could add a few words. Of course, I said yes.  So today I’m turning it over to him…Take it away Henry!

This is Martha’s blog, but, as always, she needs my help. She loses hope and gives up so easily. Jeepers creepers, when none of the eggs hatched, she was gonna chicken out altogether. In keeping with her recent neurotic obsession fascination with feathered friends, I want to share something by Emily Dickinson.

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
and never stops at all.”

More later, I hope!



10 thoughts on “Hope is the thing with feathers…

    • Dear Tony,
      Thank you for finding my blog and reading my post. I looked at your blog and really like what you are doing. It’s hard to carry a message of hope and joy when one is living with mental illness, but not impossible. Like you I am trying to help others with my writing. It helps to read about courageous people like you and also write what I learn each day. Most of the time I believe that there is a reason I have mental illness. It could be simply that God wants me to relate to others. Sometimes being sick makes me feel so alone, but through books and blogs etc., I know I am not. Thank you for helping me see that today. I will check out your piece on therapy pets for sure!

  1. I’m so glad Henry is helping with your BLOG — couldn’t have found a more perfect assistant. I am truly amazed at your forever making others feel at peace – I can only hope you save some for yourself. Hugs from here – and kisses/tummy rubs to our four legged friend.
    Linda Simon

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for reading my post. Yes, Henry really wanted to be involved. He loved to give me tidbits when I wrote ZooNooz, and I think he and I both missed that. Hope you are doing well. Do you still have a cat and dog?

  2. HEY! HENRY! It’s your old fan from the zoo…pam! I always enjoyed your additions to the ZooNooz and it’s ABSOLUTLEY never been the same since you tiptoed out on your little paws! Sending behind-the-ear scratches and tummy rubs!

  3. Hi Carol! Mom takes good care of me and I take good care of her. I’m glad she let me add to her blog. She doesn’t know it yet, but I may take over and make it mine. Rrrrffff! I hope Raven is taking care of you!

    • He misses you! He reminded me that he learned so much from all the great docents, like you, at the zoo, and has a lot of wisdom in his furry little head. He wants to share it with the world. Who am I to stop him?

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