Henry and I are happy to say that as of today, the paperback version of Giving Paws:

Having a Service Dog for a Hidden Disability, is available on Amazon.

It will be available in hardcover and on Kindle and Nook in the next few days as well.

In the mood to shop?


We want to thank our endorsers, and everyone who has the ARC for review.

Henry and I will be eternally grateful if you buy our book and write a review on

Amazon, Barnes and Noble or anywhere else you like!

From the bottom of our hearts…Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Book News!!

  1. Dear Martha!

    This is your big day! I wish you much success!

    I wondered if I ordered thru the local Barnes and Noble store whether it would affect your compensation. It looks like the pricing on hard and softcover is the same as Amazon. Do you have a preference?

    Hope you see lots of orders😍 Love, Mom

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Thanks Mom.
    I haven’t ordered from Barnes and Noble, online or in a store, so I’m not sure, but I think everything goes through my publisher. It’s probably all the same. Do what’s easiest for you. I’ve been getting lots of email responses from my email and blog post. People are wonderful!!

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