With all the excitement from my book coming out, I should be dancing little jigs and feeling content, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m ultra grateful for all the positive feedback from my kind readers, and I do feel a sense of accomplishment, but my brain chemistry has two settings: 1) totally elated – “manicky,” and 2) unreasonably anxious – panicky.

The mania triggered by all the book activity is fun. Yippee!  –  no complaints, but inevitably it is chased by anxiety and depression,  which are completely irrational. But instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I turn to one of my favorite tools -making things with my hands.  The repetitive action of knitting or hand-stitching distracts and soothes me, and when I complete something, my self-worth gets a tiny boost. I won’t flatter myself by calling it “Art” therapy, as I don’t think my creations deserve the title “Art,” but my goofball ideas come straight from the heart, so they are genuine expressions of my whackado thinking.

For the past ten years I’ve made ornaments for the holidays. I try to keep them faith-friendly, as my friends and family are from an assortment of backgrounds and cultures. I send my annual ornaments in December because it’s a festive time of year and people can hang them on their trees or doorknobs or whatever. And, the holiday season triggers depression for me,(big surprise) but, if I follow Gandhi’s advice,(see image and caption below), I feel a little better.

Here are some of my creations. I invite you to stroll/scroll through my gallery below.


Hedgehog ornament

The Hedgehog’s Dilemma -2016


Snail ornament

Lackadaisical is the new lickety-split – 2015


Inimitable Yarn man ornament

Truth or Yarn? The Inimitable Yarn Man – 2014


Dung Beatle Ornament

Tumble Bug – Dung beetle keeps the world revolving – 2013


Green turtle ornament

The tortoise symbolizes longevity, power and tenacity -2012


Henry head with stocking cap ornament

Have a hatful of Henry – 2010

Ghandi ornament

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – 2009


Mini sweater ornament

Keep your heart warm – 2008

Camel ornament

Be careful how you talk to a camel, we have good memories… – 2007


Fox ornament

A special fox for Mom – 2014?


Question mark

                                                                       …and 2017?

                                                          Here’s a hint – think thloth

14 thoughts on ““Pins and needles” and yarn and felt. My favorite anti-anxiety “meds.”

  1. They are great and I am sure you know A Hatful of Henry is my favorite…although my cats are a little jealous🐱🐱🐱

    Miss you and Henry! Fondly, Alison


  2. Love it!  Brings back several years worth of your creativity.  Thank you for the reminder.  Can’t wait to see the new ‘critter’ for 2017.  Hugs, hugs and more hugs to you so you can feel super great today!

  3. Marthamydear….please be kind to yourself and remember that ANYONE would have a case of ”jitters” at the publishing of their book! I’m glad you have the talent to push that anxiety right out through your fingers and into some art forms which bring smiles to your friends! And the little dung beetle certainly put a grin on MY face! Only zoo people (and, possibly, Ancient Egyptians) could appreciate and even revere a little critter like that one! XOXOX

  4. Dear Martha,

    Very impressive! Hope you are feeling a little better now! I am so glad you have found ways to help yourself deal with the downside. You are creative in so many different ways! Amazon has not posted my review even though they sent me a copy and an acceptance. I believe I forwarded you what they sent to me. I think maybe the reason was that I revealed too much of the plot. At last count of 18 after only 15 days you must be very pleased. The reviews are all so enthusiastic….which I think is great!

    I love you very much, Mom😍

    Sent from my iPad


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