A Sweet Tribute to Henry


This lovely announcement appeared in The Gnus, a newsletter from the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, where Henry and I used to work. It was written by Kirin Daugherty, Manager of Volunteer Programs.

Since Henry’s passing I’ve received many emails, cards and flowers from his friends. He was one popular dude!

Thank you very much for all the kind words, thoughts and prayers. Don and I are healing and may even adopt a rescue dog. More info to come!

9 thoughts on “A Sweet Tribute to Henry

  1. Dear Martha, What a wonderful tribute! He sure connected with a great many people. Do you know who wrote it? You must be very proud! Lots of love, Mom😍

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    • Thank you Lisa Beth. It’s getting a little easier every day, but I still look for him in the bed when I wake up. Sometimes I hear his tiny feet and jingly collar, but he’s not there. I’ve even heard the little whimper he’d make when he wanted something. He’ll always be with me. I’m sure you understand.

  2. When I first met Henry, I just fell in love with him, immediately. Getting to know Henry, I was proud to be able to be his auntie. I have benefited a lot by knowing him. He has reduced my stress level by far more than anyone else could. He will remain in my heart forever. Thank you, Martha, for introducing us. I miss you, Henry.

  3. To know him really was to love him, Marthamydear…and not just for his perky little body, bright eyes, friendly nature, etc. I loved him for those qualities but more importantly…for his relationship as your partner! I know he opened a lot of peoples’ eyes to the importance of service dogs for people whose needs are NOT apparent! So glad to hear you’re considering saving another life/bringing a new partner into your home!

    • Thank you. It’s really hitting me how much impact Henry had on the world. The pain of missing him will always be present, but it’s getting less shocking each day. We’ll be adopting the rescue dog, Teddy this week, and I know Henry would have loved him and wanted us to have a cuddly dog to keep our hearts warm. I can’t wait to share more photos and info about him.

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