Funny, but offensive

The use of fake service animals and emotional support animals exacerbates the stigma of mental illness. Not long ago I read an article in the New Yorker by Patricia Marx called “Pets Allowed: Why are so many animals now in places where they shouldn’t be?” Ms. Marx is a funny writer, but as soon as I…Read more Funny, but offensive

Will my Button Quail eggs hatch?

  I'm worried that the eggs won't hatch because I couldn't get the incubator to stay at 100 degrees. For the past few days it dropped down to 97, then 95. Anybody home in there? Maybe they aren't fertile. I'm going to keep them in the incubator for a few extra days because I've read that they can still hatch…Read more Will my Button Quail eggs hatch?

Dogged Hope

Anyone living with a physical or mental illness knows how easy it is to lose hope. I have an immune deficiency disease and colitis, which have made me dependent on a feeding tube, and I battle depression and anorexia, so I often feel hopeless. But over the years I have discovered things that lift me out of the abyss, the most important being my animal family. Currently I have 4 turtles, 4 quail and 3 dogs, one of whom is my service dog, Henry. My experience with Henry inspired me to write my second book, GIVING PAWS: Having a Service Dog for a Hidden Disability, due in October 2017. Martha Thompson