Goldie and I will be Strutting at “Strut Your Mutt” in LA on Oct 20…

Dear Friends and Family, As you all know, when Henry died this past year I was heartbroken. But the Dog Gods had a certain someone in mind to help me out. Her name is Goldie, and I adopted her on May 31. She is attentive, smart and cuddly, and has been learning tasks to assist…Read more Goldie and I will be Strutting at “Strut Your Mutt” in LA on Oct 20…

The Gold(ie) Standard

  The Gold(ie) Standard My husband and I have been lucky with the stray and rescue dogs who have joined our pack in the past 20+ years. They all came with their own personal mystery baggage, which manifested as behavior problems, but none were so awful that we had to un-adopt or relinquish them. In…Read more The Gold(ie) Standard

Turtle Time

Nine years ago I adopted three Eastern Box Turtles from a friend at the zoo. She had hatched them for her children, but some of her other turtles started  bullying, attacking them, causing shell damage, and she thought it would be best to find them a new home. When she asked if I wanted to adopt them, the…Read more Turtle Time

The Blossoming of My Tiny Emotional Support Animals

When Bobbie White hatched on June 25, and Berry followed on June 26, I was delighted. Watching each of them briefly stumble around, then get on their little feet and start pecking demonstrated an undeniable will to live. Within an hour of hatching, Bobbie started chirping at the top of her(?) lungs, and I prayed…Read more The Blossoming of My Tiny Emotional Support Animals

Cheese Please

We've named our little house guest Steve. Being a Norwegian Tree rat, we should have named him Sven or Lars, but Steve just seemed right. He's not made anymore live appearances, but he visits after dark. There must be a sign posted on the mantle in a language only rats can read, that says:  "Restroom," because he does…Read more Cheese Please

An Unwelcome Visitor

My eyes are always scanning the floors of our little home, mostly because we have three dogs who make all kinds of messes. A couple of days ago, in the early morning light, I noticed a spot near the front door that looked like a puddle of something. When I looked closer, I found it was…Read more An Unwelcome Visitor

Dixie Dog

Hey everybody! Henry here. Here’s something Martha wrote about my sister Dixie, who is very sick. Please keep in mind that I’m keeping an eye on both of them.    Dixie   In December of 2005, I was introduced to three-month old puppy named Dixie. A friend who was working at a veterinary hospital witnessed…Read more Dixie Dog

Cockeyed Optimist?

I'm considering hatching some Mexican Speckled Quail eggs in July, if they're available. There's a place in Wisconsin, (my home state!), that sells them. Maybe I'll have better luck with a different species. Maybe I'm just a cockeyed optimist! Aren't they beautiful?

Funny, but offensive

The use of fake service animals and emotional support animals exacerbates the stigma of mental illness. Not long ago I read an article in the New Yorker by Patricia Marx called “Pets Allowed: Why are so many animals now in places where they shouldn’t be?” Ms. Marx is a funny writer, but as soon as I…Read more Funny, but offensive

Cold-Blooded Comfort

In the May/June 2017 issue of Reptiles Magazine there’s a great article called “Reptiles as Therapy Pets,” by Alexia P. Bullard, who asks, “Who says a pet snake or lizard can’t provide emotional support?” As the mommy and caretaker of three Eastern Box Turtles and a Red-Eared Slider, I can definitely say that caring for…Read more Cold-Blooded Comfort