When Bobbie White hatched on June 25, and Berry followed on June 26, I was delighted. Watching each of them briefly stumble around, then get on their little feet and start pecking demonstrated an undeniable will to live. Within an hour of hatching, Bobbie started chirping at the top of her(?) lungs, and I prayed that at least one more egg would hatch so she’d have a buddy. Once she was dry, I moved her into the brooder, which had a warm, soft floor for her to continue growing.

Twenty-four hours after Bobbie hatched, I woke up to a loud chirping. I ran to the brooder, worried something had happened to her, but was happy to discover another egg had hatched. The loud chirping was coming from a second, wet little hatchling in the incubator. She was on her feet in minutes, then the two of them started chirping back and forth to each other. Eureka!

In the last the last six weeks I have enjoyed watching my girls grow up. I’m not 100% sure that Bobbie is a female, but I’ll know soon if they both start laying eggs. They are especially precious to me since we lost Dixie on July 5 and learned that Henry had cancer on July 20. I was heartbroken again yesterday to find that my oldest Japanese quail, Shiva, had passed away. It was her time, as she was elderly, but I get pretty attached to all my babies.

So, Bobbie and Berry, get ready for a lot of loving!


6 thoughts on “The Blossoming of My Tiny Emotional Support Animals

  1. Hi! These girls are lovely and sweet, so far. Sometimes they can get aggressive toward each other as they reach maturity, but I’m hopeful about these two.
    Shiva is in heaven with all my other animals, and she is at peace.

    • I’m still not sure how big they’ll be, but I think they’re nearly grown. I’m grateful they like each other. I love to watch them cuddle, but they won’t let me take a photo when they’re resting.

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