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Enough of this being sick crap, let’s live!” Henry said after he got his staples/stitches out on Saturday. Then he suggested I stop worrying about him so much and focus on the finishing touches and promotion of my upcoming book, Giving Paws, which is all about him!

My publisher, and I completed the Advanced Review Copy (ARC) of my book and I sent it to the some writers and other fabulous people, who have agreed to write endorsement quotes. This process is exciting and scary, and I’m doing my best to follow the directions of my publisher, John Koehler, so my book can get into the hands of anyone who may enjoy, and/or benefit from a story about having a service dog for a hidden disability.

If you’ve been through the publishing process and know anything about obtaining endorsement quotes, I’d love to hear from you. I will also be looking for people to write reviews when we get closer to the launch date in October, if that’s your bailiwick.

In the meantime, Henry and I will be living for today and enjoying life.





3 thoughts on “Advice from Henry

  1. Good for you , Henry. Keep Martha distracted from your health issues by reminding her of the book all about YOU! Especially the message the book sends about the amazing work service animals like yourself do for those you care for…it’s what you do best…care for the ones you love. Keep up the good work, Henry! And feel good while you are at it!

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