VelveetaIMAGE - 2 rats

We’ve named our little house guest Steve. Being a Norwegian Tree rat, we should have named him Sven or Lars, but Steve just seemed right. He’s not made anymore live appearances, but he visits after dark. There must be a sign posted on the mantle in a language only rats can read, that says:  “Restroom,” because he does his business there every night. I’ve cleared off all the photos so he can’t hide behind anything, and so I can  sanitize the surface.

A few nights ago we heard him scuffling around in the dryer duct, so now we know how he is getting in. Darn rat! Drat!

I’m still very concerned about him attacking my turtles, or carrying some horrible disease, so I’ve  ordered a “device.” It will be delivered on Friday. I hope this doesn’t get me in trouble with a certain organization whose name rhymes with Velveeta.


5 thoughts on “Cheese Please

  1. Ahhhh…I empathize, Martha! On one hand…nobody wants to harm animals. On the other hand…rats have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER eating our foods, pooping in our houses, chewing our wiring, ruining our attics, etc! They cost me significant money when I had to replace insulation and ducting in my attic. Apparently, they chewed holes in the ducts so heat/cool air would make the attic pleasant for them. Then, I think they invited their buddies to hang out and be comfy on MY DIME! Good luck with your ”device.”

      • GO, JOJO! Colleen…be absolutely positive there’s no way the rats can get into your house/attic/cellar/etc. I have a friend who enjoys her fruit trees (as do the rats) and who learned to her dismay that they had gotten into the house through a hose bib, climbed through the walls and had eaten wiring! $$$$$$$ Just saying…

  2. We have fruit rats that enjoy a happy and well-fed existence in our yard. They love figs and oranges and leave perfectly hollowed out orange “shells” around. We try to keep their food source to a minimum, which is the only method I know of controlling them. My three-legged, one-eyed, 4 pound dog, Jojo, is highly offended by their presence and makes that known to all. The other dogs could not care less.
    Keep up the good fight!

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