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During the recent rat-chasing hubbub in our home, Henry, my service dog and guest blogger, reminded me that I should update my readers on the status of my book Giving Paws: Having a Service Dog for a Hidden Disability, due in October, 2017 from Koehler Books. He’s made it clear that he has no interest in Steve, the rat, and thinks I should blog more about my book. After all, it is about him.

I’ve never been good at tooting my own horn, but Henry, who is good at tooting, in more ways than one, wanted me to share the latest news.

My manuscript is in the hands of editors, and while that is happening, it’s my responsibility to find interesting people to write endorsements that will appear on the cover and be used in promotion.

I am thrilled to say I’ve gotten positive responses from some wonderful writers, editors, animal experts and extraordinary educators. So far, my “Yes” list includes: Carol Lea Benjamin, Alexandra Horowitz, Brenda Scott Royce, Steven Stiefel and Pamela Wright. I’m still waiting to hear from several more.

I also want to thank a fellow writer, Dyane Harwood, whose book, Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder, will be out in October, 2017. She has an amazing blog: proudlybipolar.wordpress.com, and has been very helpful to me as I bumble my way through the process of getting my book published and try to write a blog. Thank you Dyane!

How’s that Henry? May I resume my pursuit of Steve?

5 thoughts on “Advice from my service dog

  1. Hi Martha! Following Dyanes’s blog.😊
    If you’re still looking for endorsements of interesting people, and if it’s ok in being a science writer/adventurer— I could get you in contact with Geoff Notkin. He’s also an author, actor, director, producer, and meteorite hunter. He’s definitely inspiring, and full of passion!
    Here’s a link about Geoff Notkin:
    About http://geoffnotkin.com/about

  2. Wow, Martha!!!

    Thank you so much for the lovely & gracious shout-out!
    I’m so happy the blog has helped you & again, that’s ***super-cool*** you landed these endorsements & I’m sure more are on the way.

    I might be doing a vlog this Friday or Saturday. If I do, I’ll show how I’ve been using an incredible program called ProWritingAid to improve the book. I only paid $40 for a year’s membership, and it’s pretty cool for not being human. I know you don’t need it at this point, but you might want to use it in the future or tell someone about it.

    Give my love to Henry & have a great week!


    • Hi Dyane. Thanks for the “likes,” and your kind words. I’m interested in the book you spoke of because I’m working on another book and need help!
      We find out today if Henry has lymphoma. If not, he’ll need an exploratory surgery. I know he’s in God’s care. We just want to keep him comfortable. For today he seems like himself. My baby quail are shining light on the world for me.
      Take care of yourself and thanks again for all you help. Hugs to you. Martha

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