It’s been almost 3 months since I adopted sweet, little Goldie, and I’m happy to report she’s doing well. Initially she was afraid of Don, which concerned me, but I think it was because his new job was stressing him out, making him somewhat volatile and unpredictable. To be honest, at times I’m afraid of him too. Fortunately, he and Goldie are learning to love each each other, and I commend them both  for their efforts.

From the day we met, Goldie and I clicked. She watches my every move and sticks close to my side. I didn’t need to teach her to pay attention or heal, she just does it. When I saw this, I decided to start some basic training to see if she could learn tasks and help me as a Henry had. With her intelligence and eagerness to please, she  learned “sit,” “down,” “come” and “stay” very quickly and has earned the title of “Emotional Support Animal,” but we’re working toward Service Dog status. I’m so proud of her!!

Goldie recently brought another gift into my life.  Laura Dash, the founder of Adopt Me Rescue, from whom I adopted Goldie, asked if I wanted to write their monthly newsletter. She’s so busy with her rescue work and Dolittle’s Ranch, a dog training and boarding facility she runs with her husband, that she hasn’t had time. When Henry and I worked at the zoo, one of  my favorite assignments was writing the weekly newsletter, so my response to Laura’s request came quickly:

“I’d love to!!”

I spent the next few days teaching myself  the  program Laura uses for the newsletter, but since I’m not super tech savvy, it took some head banging. But, I finally got it and was able to put together an acceptable issue. Whew! Once I master the tech stuff I’ll be able  to create solid newsletters, which will hopefully generate interest and fund raising activities to help all the precious little pups who have been discarded due to illness, injury, age, appearance, disposition or disability.

Adopt Me

I tried to cut-and-paste my first issue here, but it didn’t translate.You can check out  the Adopt Me Rescue website and sign up for the newsletter if you like, or I can forward it to you.

6 thoughts on “Pupdate: Goldie’s Progress, Newsletters and more…

  1. So excited — love your long hair .. becoming quite a diva  – oooh la la AND so really excited you are now part of this wonderful dog adoptmerescue place – checked out all the puppies – will definitely check from time to time – seems some of these guys are located in and around Studio City .. I’m up for a dog — do I want to be particular or just choose from the available pups?  My cat (who is now 18) doesn’t care about dogs at all – actually the problem is that any dog usually goes for her food which is on the floor – that has been my only problem with visiting dogs to our home. I’ll start seriously looking in the fall – dog #1 priority is that the dog will get along with cats. So glad you are able to write a news article – this one seems perfect.  Can’t wait for future editions.  AND what a pleasant way to take a break from your writing your books and creating all those fantastic creatures — you still amaze me. Thank goodness there is a Martha — miss you — hugs Linda

    • Dear Linda, I was so happy to hear from you. I recommend Adopt Me Rescue when you’re ready. The owner, Laura has a big heart. Right now they have about 30 dogs in foster care, waiting for homes. My sweet Goldie was in a great foster home for a year! I saw her picture online and followed up. I didn’t know anything about the rescue then, but I’m so grateful to have found them. Many of the fosters are out near you, I think, but they will often come to you if you can’t get to them.
      Any doggy would be very lucky to go home with you. Keep me posted. Can’t wait to hear if you find a pup. Love and hugs to you and your husband. Love, Martha

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