Volunteer Work: the Best Medicine

When my illness forced me to stop working the first time, in 1999, I felt lost and useless. Not having somewhere to go every day was really depressing. I had to find something to distract me from self-pity, but my weak body and fragile mind limited my choices. I explored volunteer options and discovered a class offered by…Read more Volunteer Work: the Best Medicine

The Blossoming of My Tiny Emotional Support Animals

When Bobbie White hatched on June 25, and Berry followed on June 26, I was delighted. Watching each of them briefly stumble around, then get on their little feet and start pecking demonstrated an undeniable will to live. Within an hour of hatching, Bobbie started chirping at the top of her(?) lungs, and I prayed…Read more The Blossoming of My Tiny Emotional Support Animals

Take your positions!

This is day 13(hopefully lucky 13) of 16, in the incubation of my Button Quail eggs, which means it's time to remove the automatic rotator and carefully lay them on their side on the bottom of the incubator.  For the final 3 days they need to stay perfectly still so the growing chicks will move themselves into hatching position. The images below show the…Read more Take your positions!